Confreaks: Video Recording Services

Perfect for public conferences and private corporate events.


Audio & Video Recording

We preserve your event for you and for the larger audience that could not attend due to time and space constraints.

Live Streaming

Expand your audience beyond your venue with live streaming.

Promotional Videos

Capture not just the content by the energy and emotion of your event with impromptu interviews and a photo essay conveying the story of your event.

Event Photography

Get quality photos of your presenters, attendees, volunteers, organizers, and after parties to share and remember for years to come.

We cater to your needs

If you don't see a service mentioned that you think would be a good idea, mention it! We may have just the solution for you.

Rendering for all of your Devices

Any video can be rendered in multiple formats to meet all of your device needs. From mobile phones to Ultra HD TVs!

Audio-only files can be provided and closed captioning is available upon request!

What Our Clients Say About Us

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I am happy to announce we have launched two new websites. Historically has been the website where we posted the videos that we produced. In 2012 we started aggregating videos...


New logo is the start of many new changes...

by cobyr

It has been entirely too long since I posted anything at all on the Confreaks blog. As you've noticed we've changed our logo and icon from the previous "mic" to our new "talking head".