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17-Nov-14 13:15
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The fact that Ruby has different implementations is both strange and powerful. Writing an extension for the language can be a daunting task but there's no better way to get to the heart of what exactly Ruby objects are and the reason for some of t...

18-Nov-14 14:30
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Rsense brings the kind of static analysis tooling to Ruby that programmers in other languages take for granted. The kind of tooling I kept hearing was impossible to implement for Ruby. Accurate type inference, code completion, definition finding, ...

19-Nov-14 09:25
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Data streams (ex: logs) are becoming larger, while analytics in (semi-) real time is also becoming more important today. Moreover, there are many non-programmers who wants to write queries in this big data era.

Norikra is an open source server ...

19-Nov-14 10:20
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HTML template engine is one of the most important library to build a web application. But who actually knows how it works? Who can explain how the engine parses the given template and finally composes the HTML body?

In this session, I will dig ...

19-Nov-14 12:20
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Nobuyoshi Nakada is the most prolific contributor to Ruby. He is the all time leader in commits to the CRuby source code. With over 10,000 commits, he leads second place by double the number of commits. Leading to his psuedonym "Patch Monster". ...

18-Nov-14 15:25
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Lightning Talks by Many People

00:00:00 - Vektra 00:03:45 - Claudio Baccigalupo 00:07:27 - Richard Schneeman 00:11:58 - Shannon Skipper 00:15:34 - Sean Culver 00:20:36 - Steven Talcott Smith 00:25:28 - Brandon Rice 00:30:21 - Alex 00:3...

19-Nov-14 13:15
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As single page apps become common, more and more of our logic becomes duplicated between the front and back-end. We also spend more time writing API glue code to move data between each side. With isometric development you can remove the boilerplat...

19-Nov-14 10:20
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Do you do web development in Ruby? Have you been forced to go to node or other technologies just for concurrency/websockets etc. Do miss your gems, and tire of functionality you have to implement from scratch? Do you hate javascript?

Well no ne...

18-Nov-14 08:30
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Life's demands are such that it's easy to get lost in the day-to-day, trapped inside your own private world, expecting today to repeat endlessly and the future to remain a distant, untroubling land. The future is coming, however, whether you are r...

18-Nov-14 10:20
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mruby forum released mruby 1.0.0 in Feb. 2014. It's been stable to use. However, because mruby is used on small boards or in application programs, it's hard to debug mruby applications. When we develop mruby application, we should write not only R...

Version: 1.0 (556) by Coby Randquist on 2014-12-15