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26-Mar-14 12:30
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Ember.Component, Web Components, directives, isolated scopes, transclusion, and all the other stabs at establishing a component ecosystem thus far fail when it comes to composability and extensibility. This talk is about what's missing, what's bei...

26-Mar-14 09:00
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TDeclarative, evented, data-bound components will change the way you build abstractions in browser applications. The best part is, you're already an expert, you just might not know it yet.

We'll discuss how to:

Use a component
Know ...
26-Mar-14 09:45
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Over the past few years, we have seen the success of great web applications. As we strive to provide better user experiences we are continuously pushing the bar, unfortunately sometimes at the cost of productivity, maintainability and most importa...

26-Mar-14 10:30
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This talk chronicles my adventures in teaching underrepresented and underserved youth in the Bay Area, CA how to program using Ember. Unemployment for people 16-24 is around 17% almost double the national average. This number is even higher for mi...

26-Mar-14 14:00
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Whether you realize it or not, if you've built a rich web application in Ember.js, and you're sending data between clients and a server, you've build a distributed system. This talk will discuss the challenges of building such a system, specifical...

25-Mar-14 16:45
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I've spent the last six months mapping the entire data model of App Store and iTunes. The application I've created is like no other search engine in existence.It's 2014 and we're still searching for documents. Today, I'm debuting the next-generati...

25-Mar-14 17:30
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The Ember.js community is ablaze with excitement over HTMLBars. Not only will it give us great syntax in our templates, but it will also usher in next-generation rendering performance in an upcoming 1.x stable release. Erik and Kris will walk thro...

25-Mar-14 14:15
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Broccoli is the newest JavaScript-based build tool everyone's talking about. It helps you concatenate your scripts, compile your Sass files, and package up your ES6 modules—all while offering a concise declarative syntax, and blazing fast rebuilds...

25-Mar-14 16:00
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I know this is out of left field, but I’d like to teach you all some Angular, and in the process, bring you to a love of Ember Components unseen since Leo sank into his watery grave for Kate. We all make fun of directives and transclusion, but Emb...

25-Mar-14 13:30
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Have you considered using Ember Data for your project, but were scared away? Have you tried using it and got stuck? Do you actually use it every day and wonder what the internets have against it?

In the last year Ember Data was refreshed, reboo...

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