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27-Jun-14 13:03
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RSpec, like it or loathe it is a widely used testing framework and this year will reach it's latest major version. Version 3. Why is this a big deal?

It's the product of many months of work by the core team and makes a lot of changes to improve...

27-Jun-14 14:00
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An overview of ActiveSupport::Notifications and how they form the backbone of a live status page to tell you exactly what is going on with your site.

27-Jun-14 15:15
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Single page web applications have been all the rage recently. At Shopify, we wanted to make our admin interface a dynamic and fluid experience for our users. We created our own JS MVC framework and used it to rebuild our admin. Now we have decided...

27-Jun-14 15:45
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Ruby gives you a great power, such as easy Duck Typing. As the saying goes, "With great power there must also comes great responsibility!" It comes at a price. We cannot afford to blow off everything when shipping. That's why it's important to put...

27-Jun-14 16:15
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Let's talk about speed! In this talk, we'll examine ways that we've been speeding up Rails for the next release. We'll look at techniques used for speeding up database interaction as well as view processing. Techniques for finding bottlenecks and ...

26-Jun-14 09:30
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fluffmuffin, peppercorn, gilligan — those are just a few of our users' plain text passwords.

I have 80,000 more, and it only took me 87 seconds to gather them from our customer database in a white-hat attack.

In Act I, we'll cover the histor...

26-Jun-14 15:45
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Domain Driven Design is a software development process that focuses on the finding a common language for the involved parties. This language and the resulting models are taken from the domain rather than the technical details of the implementation...

27-Jun-14 08:30
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Docker is "an open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container". In this talk, we'll explore the basics of Docker, the advantages of container-based virtualization, and how to setup Rails deployments using both.

27-Jun-14 09:30
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It's my personal goal to introduce as many people as possible to open-source and make it dead simple for them to contribute.

What happens if you have something specific you want to contribute?

This talk will show you the best practices for d...

27-Jun-14 10:15
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Avoiding complexity is one of the greatest goals in programming. The tools we use, libraries and frameworks, must be helping us in achieving that goal. There must be a reasonable balance between convenience and simplicity as growing complexity is ...

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