Live Streaming


Confreaks has offered streaming video services for over three years, and our production team has over seven years combined experience streaming live events. We stream high definition video to Youtube, or any variety of sources that you choose. We ensure video and audio quality for streaming the same as we do for our regular recording services. Three separate cameras capture the presenters' slides, the presenter, and a composite shot of both. We sync the video with the mic'ed audio stream for crisp, clean audio and we can arrange to stream multiple tracks.


Our live-streaming services provide you with the means to reach your audience at any time and place. They can scrub backwards to see what they've missed and will be able to retroactively view the stream. These services allow you to offer overflow viewing for sold-out events or talks and the opportunity to invite attendees who cannot be physically present at your event. We can arrange a variety of streaming services in advance, or we can be ready to provide streaming overflow rooms at your event on the fly, if needed. We can provide analytic and authorization services; you decide if your stream will be public or password protected.

Limitless Possibilities

Having the ability to live stream at your event can ensure that your attendees get what they want from your conference. No matter how packed the room, no matter how many people show up, be prepared to offer all attendees a clear view and sound of the proceedings.

Limitless Seats to Fill

Limitless seats to fill RubyConf 2014, San Diego, CA