Mando Escamilla
21-Feb-14 09:45

Once you’ve properly structured your Rails app, you’ll begin to find logical seams in your domain logic. These seams can be the perfect opportunity to extract a software component into a stand-alone service.

Using a live-in-production example, we’ll walk through how we bui...

21-Oct-13 14:45
Mando Escamilla
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The software development world is a twisty maze of passages, all alike (at first glance). It can be slightly perilous and a little scary, especially if you’re just starting out.

How should you know what job to take? Or what salary to accept? And if you've been doing this a ...

13-Aug-11 13:00
Mando Escamilla
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In a world where software evolves at a breakneck pace, ONE piece of technology emerges as something truly interesting. And another. And another. So, like 3 different pieces. Anyway.... Then, you realize that everything is not what it seems... From the p...

29-Jul-11 13:45
Mando Escamilla
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