Event Photography

Goruco 2014 after party

After party on a Yacht, looking back on Manhattan. Goruco 2014, New York, NY


We bring a dedicated still photographer to your event to chronicle all that happens. RailsConf 2014, Chicago, IL

Completely enamored

We may use this photography in a promotional video for your event, if applicable. RubyConf 2014, San Diego, CA

Lego table

Still photography helps your audience remember the fun stuff. RubyConf 2014, San Diego, CA

Happy group

It reminds them of the relationships made at your event and the lessons learned. RubyConf 2014, San Diego, CA


They're useful to have for next year's event materials, and for reporting on your event in the press. Ruby on Ales 2014, Bend, OR


Still photographs can highlight special occasions and unique elements of your event, venue, or location. Mountain West RubyConf, 2014, Salt Lake City, UT

We encourage you to develop a preferred shots list to help us photograph the elements of your event that are most important to you and your audience.

A custom shot list might include:

Mats speaking

Individual shots/portraits of presenters

RailsConf 2014, Chicago, IL


Group shots of organizers, sponsors, award winners, etc. RailsConf 2014, Chicago, IL


Shots of banquets or other special events, such as award ceremonies, after-parties, or group tourist activities RubyConf 2014, San Diego, CA


Signage, artwork, or trade-shows RailsConf 2014, Chicago, IL


Specialized shots of venue or location Goruco 2014, Manhattan, NY

We look forward to preserving your event!

We make our photographs available to you, and you may request to license them for your own marketing, promotional, or reporting purposes.


Ruby on Ales 2014, Bend, OR