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20-Sep-12 08:05
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Software is always a mess. You can't avoid this mess, and if hubris goads you into attempting to achieve perfection, you'll just make things worse. Perfection is a distant, dim land on the unreachable horizon. You'll not be going there today.

What you can do, however, is us...

20-Sep-12 08:40
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Most developers know enough about refactoring to write code that's pretty good. They create short methods, and classes with one responsibility. They're also familiar with a good handful of refactorings, and the code smells that motivate them.

This talk is about the next lev...

20-Sep-12 09:45
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Great developers need to know why they do what they do. Only then can they hope to apply, adapt, and even drop their practices in the context of each situation. Unfortunately, very few developers can clearly articulate why they do (or don't) use test doubles—be they mocks, stu...

20-Sep-12 10:25
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A lot of Ruby developers use Rails for their everyday projects. Often they toy around with front-end themselves or outsource it, ending up tangled in a web of css-all-over-the-place.

Keeping your front-end code clean is hard. Before you know it you're suffering from CSS spe...

20-Sep-12 12:45
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I hear sometimes that good things come from carrots and sticks, from fear, from doing what you’re told. But what if there's a better way to get the stuff we want? Stuff like money, working software, the geek joy of a solved problem. What if choosing love (and more specifically...

20-Sep-12 13:20
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20-Sep-12 13:25
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20-Sep-12 13:31
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20-Sep-12 13:35
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20-Sep-12 13:35
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20-Sep-12 13:40
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20-Sep-12 13:45
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20-Sep-12 13:52
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20-Sep-12 13:55
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20-Sep-12 14:00
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20-Sep-12 14:05
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20-Sep-12 14:10
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20-Sep-12 14:15
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There is a shortage of software developers today. Programs like CodeAcademy, HungryAcademy and DaVinci Coders are looking to help with that shortage. Mike Gehard will lead a panel on learning, what are the strengths are weaknesses of these programs are and how we all can help ...

21-Sep-12 08:00
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For a long time, the de facto way of doing multi-core concurrency was using threads. However, the complexity of manipulating threads and state affected negatively how developers perceive concurrency. Fortunately, languages like Clojure and Erlang implement new paradigms that a...

21-Sep-12 08:35
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Assumption 1: Group chat is an great tool for collaboration Assumption 2: With enough code, anything is possible

Proposal: Write code to create a robot helper for you group chat to handle menial, annoying things for humans

You know about, ie let me google that...

21-Sep-12 09:35
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As Rails applications grow they see a lot of the same problems that any enterprise level software project will see at some point: longer running test suites, more complex code interaction, and a rising requirement to keep "all that stuff" in your head at once.

Rails may hav...

21-Sep-12 10:10
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Realtime, rich client applications are extremely popular. This is reflected in a new generation of frameworks like node.js and meteor. That said, the maturity of Rails and Backbone combined with real time services like XMPP or Pushr, still makes it a very compelling backend st...

21-Sep-12 12:00
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21-Sep-12 12:01
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21-Sep-12 12:45
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Whether your official title says it or not, every one of us is a consultant. Whether it is a time and materials contract with an external entity or dealing with the stakeholder within your company, some amount of consulting is required. One of the reasons we each get hired is ...

21-Sep-12 13:35
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Have you ever thought about how much of software engineering involves explaining things? We stick comments in our program to explain why we added X to Y, we type up README files to explain the program, we write proposals to explain why the program should be funded and we spend...

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