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15-Oct-12 00:00
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Crowbar was the first open source OpenStack-focused deployment framework and been gaining significant traction as the foundation of both Dell and SUSE private clouds. Crowbar makes deployments fast, repeatable and maintainable. This session will give an update about Crowbar’...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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Linux brought us main stream open source software. OpenStack gave us open source cloud but we aren't done yet. Open Compute has arrived. The Open Compute Project is an open source hardware platform that will change the way we design and deploy data centers. From software d...

15-Oct-12 00:00

Although many workloads are moving to virtual machines, there are circumstances where dedicated physical servers are required. To meet these different requirements, the provider typically manages these services in heterogeneous environments, using Cloud Automation for VMs and...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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We will discuss how the open source Cloud Foundry project is used by Appfog to extend OpenStack to create true hybrid clouds. Inter-cloud connections and workload portability across various instances of OpenStack will be dived into. Demonstrations of how developers can simply ...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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15-Oct-12 00:00
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Let’s eliminate the lag between coding and deploying! As we drive towards DevOps continuous deployment, it makes sense that our deployment scripts should be able to bypass packaging and pull directly from source code. That’s exactly what the Crowbar team has created as an op...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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Comcast has been building out its private cloud to host its next-generation Cloud TV platform (, and as part of that effort the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center has developed and in the process of open sourcing a compatible ...

15-Oct-12 00:00

With one production service already available at Rackspace and another on in the works at HP, cloud database services are quickly changing the landscape around OpenStack Compute. Join Rackspace and HP for a lively discussion on how we are adding value to OpenStack with databa...

15-Oct-12 00:00

Hyper-V server is a powerful and free virtualization platform developed by Microsoft. Hyper-V Nova Compute functionalty has been restored and merged into the Nova Compute code base in time for this Folsom release, thanks to the combined effort of Microsoft, Cloudbase Solutio...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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This is a brainstorm session to discuss Openstack API:

Support – track the clients and versions that we support . How to keep track and communicate to Openstack community Documentation Testing – brainstorm and agreement on version support, clients ,and data formats that ...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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The Ceilometer project was started 6 months ago on the realisation that all public cloud provider wanting to use OpenStack would need to rewrite exactly the same code to properly meter the use of their infrastructure. Ceilometer stated goal is not to provide a full billing so...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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Ceph is an open source distributed object store, network block device, and file system. Ceph can be used for object storage through its S3-compatible REST interface. It can also provide storage for network block devices, with the thin provisioning and copy-on-write cloning fea...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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Upgrade orchestrations are essential! We're both delighted and frustrated by OpenStack's pace of innovation because by the time we get the current release working then new hotness arrives. Last year, it was enough to just install OpenStack, but now we think it's required to ha...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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This talk provides an overview of Heat, a peek inside the CloudFormation template language, and a live demonstration of heat technologies. Heat provides an Apache 2 licensed CloudFormation orchestration engine that orchestrates cloud infrastructure resources such as storage, ...

15-Oct-12 00:00

This collaborative session focuses on creating/maintaining community OpenStack deployment Chef cookbooks. The goal of community cookbooks is that they can become the upstream source for OpenStack deployments and shared best practices. In this session, we will review the cur...

15-Oct-12 00:00
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Nova (OpenStack Compute) gives us agility and flexibility for computing infrastructures. Virtualization plays an important role in Nova to provide those agility and flexibility; however, there is a performance penalty caused by virtualization. For example, there is significant...

16-Oct-12 00:00
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Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation, starts Day 2 of the Summit by talking about why OpenStack—both the software and the community—will be successful.

16-Oct-12 00:00
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“Ubuntu's vision for Open Cloud computing and role in OpenStack”

Agility and scale are the twin goals of cloud computing. Companies want to improve developer agility and productivity, they also want the benefits of scale economics, both internally and from their public clou...

16-Oct-12 00:00
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After only two years, OpenStack has become the de-facto standard open source cloud computing platform and is the fastest growing open source project in history. With over 5,000 members from over 850 different organizations in over 80 countries supporting over 500 active devel...

16-Oct-12 00:00
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OpenStack delivers a massively scalable cloud management framework for use by any organization running on standard hardware. Joshua McKenty, one of OpenStack’s founders at NASA and a driving force behind its continued success, will discuss how OpenStack got its start, how it’s...

16-Oct-12 11:00

At the Folsom design summit, OpenStack developers decided we would embrace infrastructure high availability, a standard feature in other cloud stack solutions. Infrastructure HA is particularly important to those users who are looking to OpenStack as a means of data center con...

16-Oct-12 11:00
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16-Oct-12 11:05
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Fortune 2000 companies are eager for OpenStack to open up cost models around cloud computing much like Linux did for operating systems but most have not yet taken the plunge. Why? In this talk, hear tales from the field of the most commonly cited missing features that the en...

16-Oct-12 11:10

Modern web and mobile applications demand a highly-available, distributed object storage system that supports highly-concurrent workloads. OpenStack Swift solves these problems at large services providers, top web properties and large enterprises. This talk will also provide a...

16-Oct-12 11:15
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It's time to take Fog to the next level. Fog is the leading Ruby abstraction library for the OpenStack API and it's embedded in several ecosystem products. With the addition of Quantum, there is a need to extend Fog's models to comprehend cloud networking. Our vision includ...

16-Oct-12 11:20
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16-Oct-12 11:30

Moderator: Gretchen Curtis, Piston


Gary Chen Sean Michael Kerner Stephen O'Grady Krishnan Subramanian

16-Oct-12 11:35
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A presentation to introduce new members of the OpenStack Community to Nova. This will include a brief history of the project, an overview of the suppor

16-Oct-12 11:40
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The open source configuration management and automation framework Chef is used to deploy and manage many large public and private installations of OpenStack and supports a wide variety of deployment scenarios. Chef for OpenStack is a project based on the healthy exchange of co...

16-Oct-12 11:45
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16-Oct-12 11:50
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Joshua McKenty will take a look at the fuure of infrastructure automation as it pertains to the adoption of private and public clouds. Every layer of cloud comes down to infrastructure automation. Learn how the software-defined infrastructure is playing a part to orchestrate ...

16-Oct-12 11:55

Let me tell you a dirty little secret. While OpenStack is a great project, it is extremely complicated for and indivdual with an engineering/operations focus vs a programming focus to get to their first code contribution.

My name is Colin, I am and engineer. Although I init...

16-Oct-12 12:00
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In this case study, Mercadolibre, e-commerce leader in Latin America, will share how they satisfy their huge needs of Infrastructure resources provisioning with OpenStack, when their technologies changed.

The will share a brief story about how they moved from a HigOps Virtu...

16-Oct-12 12:06
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16-Oct-12 12:10
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As an open innovation project, OpenStack attracts contributions from an overwhelming number of individuals and companies. Often, contributions are tactical, scratch-your-own-itch type. While welcome, this narrow focus can tend to add technical debt to the project and lower ove...

16-Oct-12 12:15

Limitations of hardware-dependent networks are preventing enterprises from realizing the full potential of cloud computing, and therefore vastly limiting the return on their investment. Traditional networks don't scale in the same way storage and compute resources can scale an...

16-Oct-12 12:20
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Operating OpenStack successfully requires investing in automated process and configuration management. This approach, known as DevOps, is changing how cloud applications and infrastructure is deployed and managed. We’ve assembled a panel of top industry experts to discuss le...

16-Oct-12 12:25
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16-Oct-12 12:30

We are all participating in building OpenStack and just like Linux distributions, which helped would-be Linux users manage the complexity and configuration of myriad libraries, placement of files, and executables to successfully get the system to boot and run, all indications ...

16-Oct-12 12:35

How OpenStack will score in the Brazilian Cloud! - Renato Armani

Openstack in India - opportunities galore - Sriram Subramanian

OpenStack for Vietnam's growth, and how OpenStack works with Government to make its impacts in developing countries - Trung Nguyen

The OpenS...

16-Oct-12 12:40
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Hear about how to get started deploying OpenStack and XenServer, including a demo of a new tool to help move your exisiting images into a XenServer based OpenStack cloud. Also come along to hear more about how Rackspace deploy XenServer in their public cloud.

16-Oct-12 12:45
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16-Oct-12 12:50
16-Oct-12 12:55
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In this session we will explain our vision of how OpenStack will gain relevance in the datacenter to become the cornerstone from which all the services required for operation, existing or new, are going to be managed. This vision is the result of the feedback StackOps gets fro...

16-Oct-12 13:10
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16-Oct-12 13:15
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This talk firstly provides an overview of dodai-deploy, the software management tool which can be used to install openstack into multiple machines environment. Then it reviews the history of dodai-deploy, and show the new feature "Install As a Service". With the new feature

17-Oct-12 09:00
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Enterprises have been steadily embracing private cloud environments and are increasingly finding use cases for the public cloud. We are past the point of the cloud being limited to shadow IT and startups. We are now entering the next wave of innovation and adoption which will ...

17-Oct-12 09:05
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17-Oct-12 09:20

WebEx is a leader in on-demand collaboration and the second largest vendor of SaaS for business applications in the world. Earlier this year, the company placed a strategic bet on OpenStack to build a private cloud platform for many of its mission-critical apps. In collaborati...

17-Oct-12 09:30
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DreamHost is launching several public cloud offerings, and along the way we have learned a lot of information. The goal of this talk is to share some of the lessons, tips, and tricks we have learned while designing public cloud architectures.

Talk Outline and Notes: The...

17-Oct-12 09:40
Rated: Everyone
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In a little over two years, OpenStack has shattered adoption benchmarks set by previous open source projects and gained acceptance as the future of the data center but has your career kept up with its blistering pace? Come join Niki Acosta, Cloud Evangelist at Rackspace in an ...

17-Oct-12 09:50
Rated: Everyone
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Did you know that VMware is a top-10 code and bugfix contributor to OpenStack and that VMware has helped customers with Openstack production deployments? In this session, learn howcustomers are using OpenStack with VMware offerings like ESX, CloudFoundry and RabbitMQ. Walk aw...

17-Oct-12 10:00
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While traditional HA and clustering techniques work for many cases, they are also frequently at the root of catastrophic failures. In this presentation we will cover other well understood and proven approaches to providing greater uptime. Load balancing and service distributi...

17-Oct-12 10:11
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Rackspace’s Enterprise Business Intelligence group (EBI) was seeking a way to move away from their current Data Warehouse solution. They were looking for a cost effective way to scale out new infrastructure in order to meet the increasing business demands of users, house incre...

17-Oct-12 10:20
Rated: Everyone
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Startups and enterprises alike have placed their strategic bets to monetize the OpenStack wave in various ways. As an ecosystem insider and board memeber of the OpenStack Foundation, in his talk, Boris Renski will offer his views on how various organizations in the OpenStack e...

17-Oct-12 10:30
Rated: Everyone
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Everyone loves it when things are fast, and that statement holds true whether you're visiting or whether you're hitting the OpenStack Nova API and requesting, "Please show me all the instances which I've got running"". Nobody ever writes in asking f...

17-Oct-12 10:40
Rated: Everyone
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With the rapid growth of Sina Weibo, which now has over 350 million registered users around the world, and its affiliated services such as Weibo open API and the WeiGame platform which are now the most popular social and online gaming platform in China, we needed a robust and ...

17-Oct-12 10:50

The OpenStack project consists of dozens of sub-projects and each of those are managed via a number of email lists and forums as well as software engineering tools such as issue trackers, version control, continuous integration, etc. Achieving a coherent view of all the inform...

17-Oct-12 11:00

With the Nicira acquisition, the spotlight is on network virtualization. The Folsom release will introduce OpenStack’s networking component for the first time. And indeed, networking may turn out to be the most strategic component in OpenStack, and the key to realizing a visio...

17-Oct-12 11:10
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The default Nova configuration works well for many use cases, but there are a myriad of options (many underused) that can help Nova better suit your needs. This talk will discuss some of these options, with a focus on new options in Folsom.

Nova’s configuration options:


17-Oct-12 11:20
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At the beginning of 2012, eBay decided to overhaul its technology platform to support an increased focus on rapid innovation, and developer efficiency. To support this effort we built a developer cloud as an extension to our production cloud to give developers maximum flexibil...

17-Oct-12 11:20
17-Oct-12 11:20
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Openstack has started what will be a complete rebuild of the enterprise data center. It will take time and wont be a straight path but this shift represents one of the most fundamental changes to enterprise infrastructure. Many existing companies will adapt and thrive - many m...

17-Oct-12 13:10
Rated: Everyone
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CERN, the European Laboratory for particle physics, supports over 10,000 scientists world wide in their quest to find out what the Universe is made of and how it works. As part of a multi-year project to modernise and streamline its tools and processes, CERN is using OpenStack...

17-Oct-12 13:20
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17-Oct-12 13:30

At the OpenStack Design Summit and Conference in October 2011, Rackspace announced that it would be moving the OpenStack open source project to a separate foundation. Following that, OpenStack invited community participation to help guide the process of moving to a foundation...

17-Oct-12 13:40

When Morplabs created mCloud - cloud software intended to allow service providers and enterprises to create EC2-like private clouds - Eucalyptus was the only open source compute cloud project in the game.

That all changed in July 2010 with the launch of OpenStack.

With ...

17-Oct-12 13:50

Nicira runs its Worldwide(WW) Field and Sales Engineering team's customer-facing demo and evaluation infrastructure as well as Engineering DevTest, Build and QA automation infrastructure on an internal private OpenStack Cloud that is built using OpenStack Essex components, Ope...

17-Oct-12 14:00
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The default Essex Nova scheduler is slow when it comes to scheduling multiple VMs. Taking about 26 seconds to schedule 100 VMs in our lab environment. This talk will cover the process we took to identify the bottlenecks in the scheduler, in both the Essex and Folsom scheduler...

17-Oct-12 14:10

Since its creation, OpenStack has enabled developers to build easy-to-use, massively scalable public and private clouds. This session will look at a new use for OpenStack that is helping organizations of all sizes thrive in a changing IT environment: cloud-hosted virtual deskt...

17-Oct-12 14:23

In this talk the patent context of open source and Linux will be outlined including the evolution from the SCO litigation through to the Mobile Patent Wars. As part of this history the formation and operational evolution of OIN from passive to active deterrent will be discuss...

17-Oct-12 14:30
Rated: Everyone
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As enterprises grow to adopt OpenStack, use cases around resillient storage and the vendors they already have procurement relationships with keep popping up. There are two foundational functions that need to be supported within OpenStack in order as foundations to build a rich...

17-Oct-12 14:40
Rated: Everyone
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Enterprise IT is increasingly challenged to not only reduce costs but also respond to business imperatives with agility and innovation. Intel IT has addressed this challenge since 2010 by deploying a private cloud and continuously evolving its infrastructure. To improve the sp...

17-Oct-12 14:50
Rated: Everyone
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Cloud computing workloads are increasingly sophisticated and specialized. End users continue to recognize the value of choice of their computing infrastructure (i.e. being able to select the 'right tool for the job' in their data centers). Why is computational architectural di...

17-Oct-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
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The past five years have been a time of significant transformation in the legal and policy side of open source, particularly conerning expectations around relationships between open source comunity projects and corporate participants. This talk will discuss these development...

17-Oct-12 15:58

In recent times, there has been a growing interest in evaluating the feasibility of running High Performance Computing (HPC) applications on cloud computing environments. Flexibility, scalability, and dynamic provisioning capablities provided by a cloud infrastructure make it...

18-Oct-12 09:00
Rated: Everyone
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OpenStack is a maturing force in the Cloud ecosystem and has significant security related “growing-pains”. No environment is more challenging for deployment than a public cloud. Our business is to allow people to run code and place files deep within our infrastructure. With c...

18-Oct-12 09:10
Rated: Everyone
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In a number of OpenStack projects, systems communicate via a messaging/RPC mechanism. The safety and reliability of this mechanism is vital to the security of OpenStack clouds. However, this messaging layer currently relies on implicit trust based on basic network connectivi...

18-Oct-12 09:40
Rated: Everyone
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72% of the 21 million health care records that have been compromised in the United States since September of 2009 should have been trivially protected using comprehensive encryption of the data before being written to disk. See:

18-Oct-12 09:50
Rated: Everyone
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The lack of quality sources of entropy in cloud computing environment is a problem that has gained considerable attention this year, and has consequences that permeate the entire fabric of cryptography in enterprises. Virtual machines typically lack physical hardware devices ...

18-Oct-12 10:30
Rated: Everyone
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The presentation will look into the new security challenges that network virtualization presents, and the issues faced by both traditional tools and emerging approaches in addressing these challenges. It will discuss the importance of integrating security considerations in th...

18-Oct-12 10:50

There is a growing demand from cloud service providers and consumers alike to have better transparency into the system infrastructure and hardware platform used for the services. This impacts the audit and the resultant trustworthiness of the compute environment. Methods purel...

18-Oct-12 11:00
Rated: Everyone
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This talk will describe the R&D recently performed at the University of Kent to add federated identity management to OpenStack. Specifically the Keystone pipeline has been modified by adding a new middleware component that calls a discovery service and credential validation se...

18-Oct-12 12:34
Rated: Everyone
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As OpenStack continues to mature, it is increasingly important for the community to be proactive in improving security. The OpenStack Security Group (OSSG) is a new effort led by Nebula and HP to bring together security professionals who can work to address this need. Our go...

18-Oct-12 13:38
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For many of the same reasons that software-as-a-service is catching on with enterprise buyers, delivering web services on top of infrastructure-as-a-service architectures is appealing to the SaaS developers. Operational agility, lower CapEx, and a broad array of tools and serv...

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