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Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 Schedule

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26-Aug-10 09:30
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Software engineering as it's taught in universities simply doesn't work. It doesn't produce software systems of high quality, and it doesn't produce them for low cost. Sometimes, even when practiced rigorously, it doesn't produce systems at all.

That's odd, because in every...

26-Aug-10 10:30
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Rails jumped on the scene five years ago in part due to excellent support for connecting database tables to Ruby classes via ActiveRecord. Rails 3 makes two major improvements to this support. ActiveModel makes it easy to turn any old object into one that looks like ActiveReco...

26-Aug-10 11:30
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Yehuda Katz has done some great Ruby refactoring for Rails 3 over the past year, but do you really understand what he's done? In this talk, Gregg Pollack will attempt to examine Yehuda's work, identify and deconstruct each programming technique that he's applied, and then teac...

26-Aug-10 13:30
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Hashrocket began as a small four person shop aiming to build products and get rich doin

26-Aug-10 14:10

Most of us have worked where there's tremendous effort on planning, anticipating the needs of our customers, testing before release to our customers, re-thinking, re-considering and re-coding. To a developer, the only thing that may seem worse is when there's none of this. Reg...

26-Aug-10 15:00
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Dive into the target audiences and differences in NoSQL storage, how to implement them and what this NoSQL thing is all about.

Discuss how SQL has limits when you get to web-scale and how NoSQL bypasses these limits.

Deploy an example application using Rails 3 and Mongoi...

26-Aug-10 15:40
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With a growing pool of ORMs innovating in the realm of NoSQL solutions and a new NoSQL database seemingly every week, it can be difficult to decide what is right for your app. We'll talk about the features of MongoDB that make it the best document database, and what's being do...

26-Aug-10 16:20
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26-Aug-10 17:15
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27-Aug-10 10:30
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27-Aug-10 11:05
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27-Aug-10 13:55
27-Aug-10 13:55
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Okay, your rack app is done and you are ready to deploy it. Now, instead of developing your application you have to switch gears and start thinking about how it should be deployed. What http server should you use? How do you scale it beyond a single instance, load-balance it? ...

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