This is the Jenkins User Conference San Francisco 2012 - a one day, two track, conference being held on Sunday September 30, 2012.

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30-Sep-12 08:30
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Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Elite Developer and Architect Kohsuke is the creator of Hudson, later renamed Jenkins. He wrote the majority of the Hudson/Jenkins core single-handedly. Kohsuke has more than 10 years of extensive software development experience, ranging from Java to C++, ....

30-Sep-12 09:30
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Only by the third plugin do you get the hang of writing a plugin. I thought as a developer coming to the build side of things it'd be easy to jump in and write some plugins. I was wrong. Don't be fooled by the extremely friendly Jenkins community, writing a plugin from scratch...

30-Sep-12 09:30
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Packages sent via FedEx go through a tracked, automated process that makes sure that the package arrives promptly at its destination. Why shouldn't every commit that you check into the trunk be applied similarly? Continuous delivery describes how this process can be made fully...

30-Sep-12 10:25
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Business Catalyst is a platform for building online businesses without advanced knowledge of web technologies. The stack behind Business Catalyst is complex and continuously evolving, but is currently mostly Windows + .NET based. This talk addresses the challenge of replacing ...

30-Sep-12 10:25
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Learn about Salesforce's diversified test automation strategy, which spans both the public cloud and a private VM farm. Salesforce engineers will present an overview of how Jenkins is augmenting their existing CI runner and decreasing cycle time.

30-Sep-12 12:00
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See how the OpenStack project uses Gerrit, Jenkins and Zuul to perform trunk gating and how you can apply the same approach to ensure only high quality code is merged into your project's source control system. This talk will focus particularly on Zuul, a new free software tool...

30-Sep-12 12:00
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CloudBees has invested in building a number of plugins to help organizations address three main problem areas encountered in larger, more demanding Jenkins environments: (1) management of large Jenkins implementations, (2) project and/or installation security and (3) resource ...

30-Sep-12 12:55
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The Jenkow plugin integrates the Activity BPMN workflow engine into Jenkins, allowing the orchestration of jobs via BPMN workflows. This talk gives an overview of the Jenkow plugin, covers the state of development, demonstrates the plugin in action and shows how others can get...

30-Sep-12 12:55

Configuring jobs is the bread-and-butter of Jenkins. However, tracking their subtle differences can be hard. The configuration of jobs can become outdated or incomplete. While there are many plugins that can help with this, none of them solve the full scope of the problem. In ...

30-Sep-12 14:15

"Speed or stability, pick one." We want both, and in this talk, I will discuss the experimentation and transition phase made from slow brittle processes, to much more continuous deployments with Jenkins and Gerritt collaborating to provide faster developer feedback on the qual...

30-Sep-12 14:15

As more teams move to agile development and CI to reduce delivery cycles, new requirements have emerged to ensure software quality. Manfred Moser will discuss emerging trends, best practices for ensuring quality in agile, component-based development, and new tools and techniqu...

30-Sep-12 15:10
Rated: Everyone
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With 1,600 jobs and 2,000 builds per day, Jenkins is a cornerstone of the Netflix build and deployment infrastructure. This talk will describe our Jenkins setup and explore some of the solutions we've created - and are giving back to the community - for running Jenkins at scal...

30-Sep-12 15:12

Jenkins is more then a CI tool, it can be used as a complete platform to test your software in as many ways as possible. At Groupon, we have created two unique plugins that dramatically increase the usefulness of Jenkins. First, a plugin which will match failed Selenium screen...

30-Sep-12 16:00
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Pivotal Labs starts new projects every week, and we want to have CI set up, building and tagging releases in a few hours, not a few days. For our Rails projects we buit a gem, Lobot, for setting up Jenkins instances on EC2 with Chef. I'll explain what actually goes on behind t...

30-Sep-12 16:00
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This session is about advanced aspects of plugin development, such as working with remote agents, working in multiple operation systems, creating UI using Groovy and extending Jelly components.

This session is a sequel of the "Take Control.Write a Plugin," talk delivered at...

30-Sep-12 16:50
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You may already be familiar with the Jenkins EC2 plugin, but the Jenkins jclouds plugin opens up even more doors, running on any of 50+ providers or cloud APIs, including many private cloud systems. We'll take a look at the features of the jclouds plugin beyond just dynamic sl...

30-Sep-12 17:05
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Learn about the dynaslave plugin (planned to be open sourced by the date of JUC San Francisco) which Netflix wrote to provide sets of custom EC2 build slaves controlled by autoscaling groups. We now use dynalsaves for a large majority of our builds.

30-Sep-12 17:20

This is a walk-through of a new feature available in the new Jenkins CI binary repository, powered by Artifactory - the tracable build integration. This feature provides the plugin developer with full tracability of the plugin from Jenkins CI - where it is built - to Artifacto...

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