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jQuery Conference San Francisco 2012 Schedule

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28-Jun-12 09:35
Rated: Everyone
Views: 7,827

Learn about the progress on jQuery Core

28-Jun-12 09:45
Rated: Everyone
Views: 4,731

Learn more about the state of Sizzle

28-Jun-12 09:50
Rated: Everyone
Views: 3,372

Learn about the progress on jQuery UI

28-Jun-12 09:55
Rated: Everyone
Views: 3,287

Learn about the progress on jQuery Mobile

28-Jun-12 10:30
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,637

jQuery is so easy to use and thankfully abstracts many of the cross-browser concerns we used to labor over years ago. As with any library, however, there are a common set of bugs that tend to crop up as you start and continue to use it more and more. This session aims to help ...

28-Jun-12 10:45
Rated: Everyone
Views: 6,359

Deferreds are a relatively new addition to jQuery, but what can they be used for beyond ajax resolutions and chaining? This talk shows 7 interesting and useful ways to make safe asynchronous JavaScript apps leveraging that mysterious object, Deferred.

28-Jun-12 12:30
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,182

In the bad old days of JavaScript, our days were spent fighting through a thicket of DOM differences. These days, we've pretty much conquered those challenges thanks to tools such as jQuery, but our new challenge is figuring out how to adapt as more and more of our application...

28-Jun-12 13:15
Rated: Everyone
Views: 3,608

Building a jQuery Mobile application is easy, but making it stand out from the pack takes work. This session will take an in-depth look at the inner workings of jQuery Mobile and show you how to get started with creating custom theming, custom icons, and even custom plugins.

28-Jun-12 14:00
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,954

An overview of how to build a dynamic mobile application using the rendering features of jQuery Mobile. An end to end analysis of how to receive form meta data from a web service called through the jQuery ajax api. Store that data on the client in order to render it both in an...

28-Jun-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,071

Our team has learned great lessons while developing Fashion Tale, a hidden object game entirely in HTML5. The process taught us several tricks, pitfalls, and successful workarounds. This talk covers using hardware accelerated graphics, responding effectively to touch events an...

28-Jun-12 15:45
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,096

There are 1 thing(s) that you have probably noticed about l10n and I18n in your JavaScript App(s). The sentences, even in english, are as ridiculous as the first one in this paragraph. Sure, you may be used to it, but it's a crappy user experience. There's lots you can do to m...

28-Jun-12 16:30
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,026

Performance. A word programmers use so often it's almost a buzzword. But in our world of web apps written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript it can mean many different, sometimes contradictory things.

In this presentation I will talk about the most common targets of web app perfor...

29-Jun-12 08:05
Rated: Everyone
Views: 1,900

An overview of the changes to the organization of the jQuery Project.

29-Jun-12 08:40
Rated: Language
Views: 2,330

A few months ago, the jQuery Foundation announced its participation in the W3C and ECMA standards bodies. Why did we do this, and how are we doing?

In this talk, Yehuda will give a rough overview of the standardization process, some examples of ways that web developers have...

29-Jun-12 09:15
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,075

The thick client is back! Pushing entire applications down to the client has become a lot more popular in recent times, and is especially interesting for mobile devices.

Building a really solid and polished single-page applications means that we need to replicate a lot of n...

29-Jun-12 10:00
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,046

Once you break the habit of initializing everything on DOM ready, you need to be able to predict what users are about to do next so you can ensure it is setup and ready to go. This session dives into a techniques for setting up portions of your page right as (or right before) ...

29-Jun-12 10:35
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,922

The process of getting involved with jQuery, or indeed, any open source project, is unique for every contributor. Listen to how a group a number of jQuery team members came to be involved with the project, and learn how you can find your own niche and give back to the community.

29-Jun-12 12:30
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,680

During this talk, Ben Alman will demonstrate how you can use grunt, the task-based JavaScript build tool, to improve your development process through automation. Maybe you want to more easily employ popular, best-practice approaches to JavaScript and jQuery development like li...

29-Jun-12 13:15
Rated: Everyone
Views: 4,088

Have you ever had to exclude an element from a collection so you could run a plugin method with two different sets of arguments? Have you ever had to modify someone else's (or maybe your own) plugin for a specific use case and felt dirty for doing so? When dealing with plugins...

29-Jun-12 14:00
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,872

For many front end developers, including me, a jQuery plugin was their first repository on GitHub. Reading that code again, I found many bugs and I am very grateful that no one ever used it in production. At the time, I was completely confident about my code working as I inten...

29-Jun-12 15:00
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,180

Interacting with iframes is a JavaScript rite of passage. There will be hurdles: the Same Origin Policy, postMessage, and browser history will each rear their ugly heads. Fear not, for others have tread this path.

Learn the techniques and challenges required to create a liv...

29-Jun-12 15:45
Rated: Everyone
Views: 2,169

Math: It's certainly not something you expect to see at a conference about JavaScript, but even this far from its ivory towers it has an important role to play. Together we'll build two categories, see how satisfying the Functor laws shines light on a simple optimization for o...

29-Jun-12 16:30
Rated: Everyone
Views: 1,945

Spacecraft Operators require extremely reliable, accurate, and real time software to optimize the efficiency of spacecraft operations and to ensure proper commands are issued to take pictures of the Earth. Any loss of contact or data misreading due to software error can be mis...

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