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28-Feb-13 08:15
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28-Feb-13 09:15
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Ruby developers have many great options for simply hosting their web applications. But what happens when your product outgrows Heroku? Managing your own servers can be an intimidating task for the average developer. This session will cover the lessons we've learned at Braintre...

28-Feb-13 10:05
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We all know data is growing at a rapid pace and our ability to store it has become cheap. But what do we do with all this data? Do you feel overwhelmed with the infinite amounts of decisions you could make?

Big data was supposed to improve how businesses run, though in most...

28-Feb-13 10:55
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Building services and integrating them into Rails is hard. We want smaller Rails apps and nicely encapsulated services, but services introduce complexity. If you go overboard in the beginning, you're doing extra work and getting some of it wrong. If you wait too long, you've g...

28-Feb-13 12:55
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Big team, small team. Huge company, tiny side business. No matter which, time is what you're short on. You're already using tools like Ruby and Rails to make more with the time you have. But what about non-web apps? What databases, development tools, and other libraries let yo...

28-Feb-13 13:50
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This talk is an exploration into five lesser-known things that Chef can be used for, or is capable of doing. Some of these features and capabilities are unknown by all but the most experienced Chef users. Some of them are anti-patterns but still really useful. And others give ...

28-Feb-13 14:45
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Tobi Lutke wrote the first line of code for Shopify nearly 10 years ago to power his own Snowboard shop. Two years later Shopify launched to the public on a single webserver using Rails 0.13.1. Today Shopify powers over 40k online stores and processes up to half a million prod...

28-Feb-13 15:40
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To keep doing what you love, you need to maintain your own systems, not just the ones you write code for. Regular exercise and proper nutrition help you learn, remember, concentrate, and be creative—skills critical to doing your job well. Learn how to change your work habits, ...

01-Mar-13 08:45
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Data arrives in all sorts of forms, more and more today we are seeing data arrive in event-like systems: server logs, twitter, superfeedr notifications, github events, rubygems web hooks, couchdb change notifications, etc. We want to analyze streams of data, and find useful pi...

01-Mar-13 09:35

At Rackspace, every minute spent on a manual task is a minute less spent providing fanatical support to customers. It's vital that we automate manual work. This talk is a case study of a group of Rackers who automated network device provisioning by leveraging new and existing ...

01-Mar-13 10:25
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What started with two brothers in the McKinney Public Library is now a world wide word phenomenon on multiple mobile platforms. We’ll look at how we have grown, the mistakes we made, and the changes we have made along the way:

Serving millions of players a day: Stats, stats...

01-Mar-13 12:25
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01-Mar-13 13:20
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foodcritic, chefspec, and test kitchen make it possible to test your configuration changes BEFORE deploying them to production. In this talk, we'll explore:

Reasons why you should add tests to your automation framework An overview of the tools and frameworks available Pra...

01-Mar-13 14:15
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Like REST itself, Hypermedia is one of those topics everyone is talking about but few understand. Many discussions on the topic devolve into chaos until someone screams out "Fielding, dang it!" in exasperation. Even more civilized debates have a healthy dose of "READ THE F-ING...

01-Mar-13 15:10
Rated: Everyone
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Metaprogramming. It's awesome, right? Powerful? Maybe a little scary?

Let's kick things up a notch. If writing code that writes code is powerful, what's hacking the life of the programmer writing the code? That's got to be an 11 on the meta-meter. At least. We'll talk about...

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